Welcome to Speed Poker

Welcome to Speedpoker.org, home of the worlds fastest poker games! Speed poker is a brand new, fast paced version of poker that has taken the online poker world by storm.

The difference between speed poker and normal poker is that rather than sitting at one table at a time, playing against the same players, you are playing on a network of poker tables. The way it works is that you choose your preferred stakes in the poker lobby, and once you have sat down and dealt a hand, the games is just like a normal poker game. You check, bet, or fold like you normally do. However, once your hand is over, whether you win the hand, lose, or fold, you are immediately dealt a new hand at another table.

Play Speed Poker at Titan Poker:

  • Great speed poker action
  • 200% up to $2000 deposit bonus
  • Great rewards for Speed Poker Players

The speed poker game can be played in either No limit Texas Hold’em, or Pot limit Omaha format.

You never have to wait for the action to complete. If you see a hand you don’t feel like playing, simply hit the fold button and you are immediately dealt a hand at another table! You don’t have to play many tables at a time; you can sit at one table and get a new hand every second! This makes for some Intense, fast poker action!

Speed poker sites

Several different poker sites offer a version of this new, fast poker game. The technology is more or less the same, and the object of the game is still the same: Play Fast, Play Great and take home the money!

Since the fast-fold poker game is more or less played the same way across the different poker sites, you want to choose the site with the best rewards (more hands, more cash), traffic and reputation.

These are our recommendations:

  1. Speed Poker – Our favorite. Speed poker is the name of the game, and the game can be played at the very popular Titan Poker! Great rewards, good traffic and great, fast poker action at this reputable poker room.
  2. Blaze Poker – You can play lightning fast poker the trustworthy poker site with the fitting name – Betsafe poker. Your money is always safe at Betsafe. And not only that, they offer great fast poker games and great rewards! Play fast and play safe at Betsafe!
  3. Rush poker – Rush Poker was the original speed poker game that started it all. Full Tilt Poker launched the Rush Poker game, and it was an immediate success. Full Tilt Poker is back in action, and so is Rush Poker.
  4. Zoom Poker – The world’s largest poker site; Pokerstars has its own version of the game called Zoom Poker. Here you can zoom in on the action and play high speed poker with great action around the clock.
  5. Sprint Poker – Play sprint poker at the all in one gambling power house Bet365 and enjoy poker at a speed that even Usain Bolt could dream of!
  6. FastForward Poker – The party never stops at Party Poker! They recently launched their own quick fold poker game which they conveniently named Fast Forward poker.

Which speed poker site you choose is entirely up to you, but if you ask us you can’t go wrong with Titan poker. They have fast poker action, great rewards and bonuses, and high value tournaments and regular poker games if you want to take it down a notch and play some normal paced poker. If you want to play using bitcoins and play on a mobile device, we highly recommend Winpoker on the iPoker Network.

Play for Play – Then Play for Real!

You can try speed poker without putting up a dime of your own money and test the game for yourself. You can play for free at the play money tables until you feel ready to take your game to the real money speed poker games. Testing the game for free can be a good idea to get the feel of the game, but this fast poker game is best played for real money! Since the stakes start very low, you don’t have to risk a lot of your money and you can move up once you feel comfortable. Playing for real money is the only way to become great at the speed holdem game.

If you are new to this fast paced version of online poker; Check out our page called how to play speed poker to learn how to play these games.


The stakes in which you can play speed poker are as follows:

  • $0,02/$0,05
  • $0,05/$0,10
  • $0,10/$0,20
  • $0,25/$0,50
  • $0,50/$1
  • $1/$2

The stakes at speed poker are not as varied as regular poker games, but make no mistake – With hundreds of hands dealt per hour, the game is fast and furious, and can be very profitable for the better players!

The more hands you play – the better chance you have of winning and crushing your opponents in this new and innovative poker game.

Fasten your seatbelts because speeding is encouraged at speed poker!